Guidance in building relationships with Investors from company financial structure & development to fund acquisition.  

Our Processes include: ​

  • Development to clearly define and state your value proposition 

    • What differentiates you from the pack and makes your solution unique to the market and investors? 

    • What is your “moat” (competitive advantages, IP, process efficiencies, lower fail rates, etc.) and how can you leverage it? 

  • Defining your target market and consumer outreach 

    • Who are your core customers? 

    • What marketing strategies will most effectively reach your target audience? 

    • What opportunities exist for market expansion? 

  • Marketing to investors 

    • Assistance in creating a clear and concise pitch book. 

    • Guidance in the key differences between various capital raise structures (traditional debt, equity, convertible notes, term sheets, etc.). 

    • Potential for access to the Elev8bio investor network (angel investors, family offices, VC). 

  • Financial modeling & budgeting 

    • Create your budget and find your growth-optimal burn rate. 

    • Learn the basics of project finance and capital allocation to maximize your cash-flow. 

    • Understand your cap table. 


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